Sunday, 8 January 2012

Yet another Osaka Trip

I've just got back from another trip to Osaka but this one was a girl's trip. Boy did we have a fabulous time. We stayed at Fraser Residence in Namba and it was fabulous. We booked non-refundable rooms months in advance (before we had even booked the flights) and got them SO SO cheap. The special isn't on anymore but I think they cost us around $100 AUD for a studio per room and $130 for the one bedroom apartment. I would highly recommend the hotel! Rooms were fabulous and the service was outstanding.
Breakfast at the hotel included. It changed slightly each morning.

This short but sweet blog is going to show some of the things I did that I hadn't done on my previous trips to Osaka. Yes there are still things I haven't done there. First I will start with some little food finds.

Firstly was a little udon place I found in a hole in the wall in Namba. This place was a 1 minute walk from Namba station and had the most delicious udon for 230 yen. Amazing!

Best ever delicous

Next was a don't do. A friend bought this drink and we are still yet to figure out what it was. We thought it was hot green tea (it was December and really cold) but it tasted like a mixture of green tea, sweetened condensed milk, fish and marshmallow. It was disgusting!

URGH disgusting

While we were in Kyoto we went to the Nishiki Market for the first time. It was fabulous and there was some amazing food in there. It was an easy 5 minute walk from Shijo subway. We walked through the markets then across the bridge to Higashiyama.

Sashimi on a stick....So cheap

Completely octopus with some form of egg in their heads

We also stumbled across this place in Namba that had sushi for 100 yen a plate plus 5 yen tax. It was awesome and we ate like kings so cheap. This is only some of the menu. If what you wanted wasn't on the conveyor belt you just used the touch screen ordering TV. Help yourself green tea free as well. Couldn't help myself but eat there several times.

Amazing price
Some of the things we did this time:

Maritime Museum

We spent just over an hour in here and it was worth the visit (it was free using the Osaka unlimited pass).

Cosmo Tower

The view from the top was spectacular. We got there just as sun was going down and it was great. Was an easy walk from Tradecentermae station. It was much the same as going up The Umeda Sky Building really. I have to admit that I enjoyed the USB more as you could get a good priced drink at the top and relax. Drinks were a little more costly at the top of Cosmo. We got free entry with the Unlimited Pass so it was well worth the visit.

Huge building

Umeda Sky Building

Although I'd been to the Sky Building before we headed out for the Christmas markets. WOW they were great, it was just like being back in Germany. It was freezing cold and being able to drink hot mulled wine and eat German sausages was fabulous!

Osaka Museum of History

We had about an hour and half visit here and could have spent a bit longer. This was free with our unlimited pass and much better than other museums we had been to on previous trips.

We have been to Kyoto several times before but just wanted to share some photos. This first one was taken in Higashiyam.

Stunning sunset

We hadn't been to Fushimi Inari Shrine before. We went from Namba on the subway then onto the Keihan line to Fushimiinari. It is a 5 minute walk from the station. We didn't hike to the top but are planning that when we return in a couple of months. It was a Sunday and there was some special service going on that was beautiful to watch. I saw more tourists here than I had seen anywhere else in Japan.

Golden Pavillion

Considering this was my fourth trip to Kyoto I still hadn't gotten to this place. WOW I didn't know what I was missing, it was breathtaking. We used out Kansai Thru pass for the subway to Kitaoji then caught the bus to Kinkakuji. I had never caught a but in Japan before but it was really simple (especially with the pass). You just need to remember to get on the bus from the back and out from the front.

Mount Koyassan

Another place we hadn't been to before. This place was gorgeous. It had just started snowing (Early December) and it was dusted with snow. It was really cold and we didn't spend as much time there as I would have liked to. Definitely returning when we head back in April. We used the Kansai Thru Pass for this trip too and it covered everything. We went on the Koya line with a swap at Hashimoto. All the swaps (between trains, cable cars and buses) were perfectly timed and simple.

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